About Beltomatic

BeltOMatic with CycloneNorris Thermal Technologies has been supplying custom designed processing and metal solutions since it's founding by Lee Norris in 1965. B.N.W. offers a full range of custom designed horizontal conveyor dryers, coolers, and roasters for the food, feed, and other processing industries, as well as many other custom metal solutions. Our flexible manufacturing process and equipment design enhance our ability to meet our customer's needs and requirements.

Lee Norris Construction and Grain Company sold and constructed Behlen grain dryers, handling and storage equipment, and buildings from 1965 to 1975. In 1970, the Beltomatic dryer was developed for use in the grain processing industry. Founder Lee Norris soon discovered the versatility of the Beltomatic and started Norris Thermal Technologies to manufacture and sell Beltomatic dryers and coolers. Beltomatic has expanded into food processing,wood chips and sawdust, feed manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many other custom and specialty products. Norris Thermal Technologies has manufactured and sold over 600 Beltomatic units worldwide.

Other products such as air handling equipment, material handling, stainless steel livestock trailers, and many more custom metal products have been manufactured by Norris Thermal Technologies. Currently, B.N.W. Industries holds six USA and Canadian patents for drying processes.

Woven Belt for ConveyorsIn 1995 Indiana Woven Wire LLC (IWW) was started as a division of Norris Thermal Technologies. IWW manufactures woven wire conveyor belts that are used in the Beltomatic as well as heat treating ovens and many other processing and conveying equipment. IWW grew out of the need to easily custom build conveyors upon demand.

Norris Thermal Technologies mission is to develop personal relationships that help provide technology to improve and simplify manufacturing processes that meet and exceed our customers expectations.