Custom Built Conveyor System

Custom Built conveyor systems are easily installed.They are built, assembled, tested, then shipped for reduced installation costs and quick start-up.

Features Include:

  • Ability to combine models to produce a custom, multiple-stage system to fit your needs
  • Gentle handling features for delicate products
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of food and specialty applications
  • Several optional features available to meet your processing needs
  • Multiple-pass mixes for better uniformity and minimal sticking
  • Multiple controls allow the operator to adjust airflow, depth, time, and temperature at various stages in the drying process. This will meet many product requirements
  • Models can be air-up or air-down at any stage to match product requirements

Custom Built Conveyor Systems from BeltOMatic

Custom Built Series offers these functions:

1. Wet Product In
2. Depth Adjustment
3. Dry Product
6. Heating Air
8. Exhaust Air

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General Features and Options
Conveyor Configurations

Optional Safety Features:

  • Food grade stainless steel construction available inside and out
  • Continuous belt cleaning and wash down areas
  • No internal ledges to catch product
  • Full side access doors for easy cleaning
  • Fewer internal parts reduce contamination
  • Tubular stainless steel construction
  • Belt can be continuously or periodically cleaned by brush, steam, bath or air