Engineering Services

On-Site Testing LaboratoryOn-Site Testing Laboratory

We have the ability to test most products at our location using a model 805B dryer. We offer free testing of up to 4 cubic foot as well as offer reasonable rates for larger quantities.

Spirajoule Testing Facility

We have a strategic partnership with a firm in France and we offer testing of multiple products using the Spirajoule unit.

Rental Units

Rental units are available. We can even modify a current dryer for most applications and rent it to your firm. This allows the customer to interact with a unit and provides your R&D department the flexibility of doing it at your site.

Engineering Service

Lee E. Norris Construction and Grain Co. Inc., the parent company of Norris Thermal Technologies and the manufacturer of the Beltomatic line of drying equipment has over 40 years of experience in drying all manner of products and have been involved with many, many different drying projects over the years. Norris Thermal Technologies has brought on board R. W. Garner, P.E., an engineer with multi state mechanical engineering registrations and over 40 years of experience in the process industries. This long and varied experience in product drying and the process industries is being brought to industry as an added service of Norris Thermal Technologies.

The service is offered to clients as a stand alone source for engineering or as a source for turn key projects which would include designing, building, installing and startup. Our team is available for the engineering and design of a totally new one of a kind piece of equipment or process. The lab at Beltomatic will be utilized to bring real life, real time testing and information to the project. Experience with all the aspects of design building and implementation is just not found in any other source. A narrow focused consulting firm can bring engineering and design to a project but not the responsibility for the total project outcome. A specialized equipment manufacturer can bring fabrication to the project but not the responsibility for the complete project outcome. With Norris Thermal Technologies addition of R.W. Garner, P.E., all facets of the project are brought to the project in a single unified source, engineering, building and implementation. The successful implementation of all the aspects of the project to the benefit of the customer is what makes our partnership a unique service opportunity for industry.

It is the mission of our team to bring into play the years of experience in the many industries and disciplines that we have worked in over the years. Nothing in industry happens by its self. There are many facets to every project and the successful coordination of the various aspects of the project is our team’s goal.