Conveyor System Features / Options

Standard Equipment (subject to change):

  • Conveyor System Feature
    Pre-wired electric panel
    Pre-wired electric panel with main disconnect (3-phase, high or low voltage, 50 or 60 cycle)
  • All motors with thermo overload protection, TEFC
  • Hollow bore gear reducers
  • Thermometers
  • Tubular construction, carbon steel
  • High temperature limit safety switches
  • Adjustable pitch vane axial fan
  • Frequency drive on each conveyor drive
  • Course weave woven wire conveyor belt with roller rack
  • V-style bottom air chamber
  • Inlet hopper with adjustable product leveling gate
  • 2" to 12" of product depth
  • Conveyor drive roller with rubber lagging, auger idle pulley
  • Standard temperature designs up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit

Dryer Features:

  • 2" thick insulation
  • Natural or vapor LP gas gun style burner with fuel, air mixture adjustment
  • Modulating gas valve, safety valves, pressure gauges, and adjustable orifice
  • Safety flame monitor, ignition transformer, and airflow switch


  • Conveyor Features and Options
    Belt-O-Matic Features and Options
    Product spreaders: Oscillating tube, belt wiper, rotary beater, etc.
  • Auto fines clean out systems
  • Frequency drives on fan(s)
  • Product discharge conveyor or auger
  • UL approved electric panel, PLC integration
  • Food grade construction (inside, outside, or all)
  • Centrifugal fan(s)
  • Fine weave conveyor belt (304SS), solid tray conveyor belt, or custom belt
  • Product stirring equipment
  • Alternate heat sources (steam, oil, biomass, waste, etc.)
  • Removed fan and burner systems (fire safety)
  • Reverse end conveyor drives with wash down area (CIP)
  • Multiple doors (to customer specs, large or small)
  • Fan silencers
  • Cyclone systems and exhaust fans
  • Rotary airlocks
  • High temperature applications up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Various burner design packages
  • Multiple stages/passes
  • Recycle heat options